Digital Grainger

An Online Edition of The Sugar-Cane (1764)



Page 5, in note, for lesser read less.
Page 14, line 128, for elay read clay.
Page 19, line 2, dele comma after harvests.
Page 43, note on ver. 606, for eighty read one hundred and fifty.
Page 61, line 129, for eoily read coily.
Page 81, line 500, for sky read air.
Page 81, for lines 505 and 506, read

The fring’d urtica spreads her purple form
To catch the gale, and dances o’er the waves:

Ibid. in the notes, for nautilus read urtica.
Page 100, line 252, for thro’ read through.
Page 102, line 285, the same.
Page 110, line 425, for weighed read weigh’d.
Page 128, line 58, for art read want.
Page 132, in note, for rhinds read rinds.
Page 141, in note, for Κασσι τερον read ΚασσιΤερον.

  1. Even though the copy of the 1764 edition in the database Eighteenth-Century Collections Online contains an errata page, the copy that we used to produce images of each page did not contain one. Hence, no image is available here. ↩︎